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  • English: The idea is to organize mass protests, arts actions, flashmobs, parties or other real-life activity
  • Italiano: L'idea e' quella di organizzare proteste di massa, arts actions, flashmobs, parties or other real-life activity
  • parallely on 11. October 2008 (plus one day before and after)
  • in every capital city of Europe (other countries very welcome!)

The protest is for:

  • freedom
  • democracy
  • free speech
  • the right to private spaces
  • the right to private communication
  • a just society
  • a free society


  • mass-surveillance
  • mass data storage
  • mass data retention
  • video-surveillance
  • erosion of the privacy of communication between
  • lawyers and clients
  • doctors and patients
  • prayers and confessors
  • journalists and sources
  • erosion of the fence between secret services and police
  • fortress europe
  • a system of mistrust

Potential allies and cooperation partners are:

  • privacy activists groups
  • traders/workers unions
  • of lawyers
  • of journalists
  • human rights groups
  • civil liberties groups
  • churches (christian/jewish/muslim/...)
  • every other political group or organization (because political participation needs trustworthy communication)
  • you, your family, friends, colleagues!

The aim is to:

  • raise media awareness
  • raise public awareness
  • raise political awareness
  • make clear that we are many
  • make clear we are everywhere
  • change politics
  • change the world
  • reaching multiplyers
  • fishing for more volunteers

Let's rock! Please refer to the Howto page for more infos on how to participate!

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