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Sunday, 18.9.2011 - Day of networking, meeting, workshopping


Day of networking

The sunday should offer an open space for meetings, discussions, workshops. You should feel free to use the time as you like. It's also possible and useful just to use the opportunity to discover Brussels and its french fries. :)

Be Aware, that Sunday 18th is "No cars day" during Brussels Mobility Week, which means that no vehicles can circulate without special authorisation (to be required to the police a few days in advance and only for good reasons). The positive side is that public transport will be free on this day. The prohibition to use cars starts at 9h00 in the morning and ends on sunday evening at 19h00.


Depending on expected numbers of people we will have two or three rooms at Mundo.

Results of the day of networking

Schedule (Timetable)

time fair trade room
(max. 25 people)
aquarium room
(max. 16 people)
urban room
(max. 14 people)
(a lot of people)
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx coming together, planing/discussing the set-up of the schedule
morning slot
'Watching the watchers'
- surveillance cameras in the UK and beyond
Link to presentation files
Pushing things forward? - Experiences from & Perspectives for (activist) politics in Europe - discussion - AK Vorrat Münster
Link to presentation files & summary
Having a look at our guests of monday - preparing that day.
lunch break
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx feeding the mass (a small snack is being provided)
afternoon slot
Telecommunications data retention workshop (pab): Campaign planning (e.g. postcard campaign, callshop meetings) xxxxxx ... ...
afternoon slot
Charter 2020 in defense of privacy and basic rights - lecture by Raf Jespers Social Swarm ... ...
evening slot
PNR Workshop - Alex Political Memory: Hack the EP - Bram / Net neutrality - kik1 / EUHackathon - Herman 17:30-18:30
supper break
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx feeding the mass (everybody has to care for that on his/her own - let's have a walk out in the nearer pubs and locations...)
night slot
retrospective / how to get people aboard - pgamerx / slots on Monday / Future ... ... media: activists short films etc.

This schedule is just to collect our ideas and offers. We will have to think about reassembling the concrete times of the slots and its content at the very beginning of our sunday of networking, let's say from 10 am or 10:30 am.

If the schedule is full you should add your proposed workshop/meeting/discussion/lecture/etc. here:

  • ...


There is no need to register, if you like to participate.

But it would be very helpful to give us an overview. Therefore please use the non mandatory registration for the 18 september so we can find out how many people plan to come to mundo b.


Here we can collect topics, ideas and anything else for the day of networking.

Only if someone says: "Yes. That's my thing - I will do it!" it will get real ...


Introducing Brussels/EU

  • how does the EU work?
  • walk-around the the EU-places in Brussels

Preparing the 19 September

  • small groups preparing different topics depending on the programme of 19 September and on the politicians/representatives we meet.


  • freedom of the internet - net neutrality
  • freedom of movement - pnr (passenger name record directives and treaties)
  • right of secret communication - data retention
  • right of informtional self-determination - census in europe and the german census-case
  • freedom of assembly - overview on european developments: godiac, radicalisation-files etc.
  • what's crowd control? what developments are being recognized and realized?
  • frontex
  • indect
  • police-data-exchange in europe
  • what's the worth of anonymity?
  • ACTA
  • a positive vision for europe (discussing how to get started)
  • eu forecast, pippi long strings and other technical aids


  • a surveillance-walk through Brussels
  • a paper chase through Brussels
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