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Calls for Participation, aiming at different target groups.

Letter to potential supporters

Dear Friends,

on September 10, the international alliance of civil rights groups "Freedom not Fear" will organize a worldwide action day as we did in the last years. We will again be a very wide variety of organizations - from worker unions over human rights associations to political parties protesting for the same idea of digital human rights.

We are going to raise our voice against data retention, against censorship on the internet and for the protection of our personal data and rights, not only in the internet. Due to the recent development, it became more and more clear that this issue has to be handled at the European level and that it therefore requires to take action from the civil society all over Europe in order to make our point clear.

Therefore, we want to contact you and ask you whether you would like to join us and organize any kind of demonstration or action to raise public attention for these issues. We kindly invite you to join our international mailinglist to participate in the process of gathering ideas for the "Freedom not Fear" action day in 2011.

Please send us your ideas and visions how we can enforce the struggle for digital human rights and freedom of speech. It would be great to plan a week of action together with organizations from all over Europe and the world.

Best wishes,

Homepage: -------- Mailinglist: --------

Dear Sir/Madam (or name of contact person),

a broad movement of civil rights defenders is once again calling upon everyone to participate in actions under the motto “Freedom not Fear 2011” on September 10th, 2011. The protest is directed against the ongoing spread of excessive surveillance measures on the part of businesses, administrations and governments worldwide. With this international campaign we aim to raise public awareness of this issue and to form a broad and sustainable movement for freedom and democracy within and beyond Europe.

2009 over 13 countries participated in the international action day. With 25.000 people participating Berlin witnessed one of the the greatest protest against surveillance in German history. Also in 2010 our protest was a big success with participants from all over the world. Currently our alliance, already consisting of more than sixty different organizations (including human and civil rights, new media, youth and religious organizations, trade unions, political parties and occupational groups) is organizing this year’s mass protest, which will take place on 10th September 2010 in Berlin - and as we hope in many other capitals.

We would like to repeat and even exceed the success of last year’s international action day. In order to do so, we need your support!

Sign the International Appeal!
We have compiled an international call for action (see attachment), in which we criticize the ongoing spread of excessive surveillance measures and put forward demands directed at governments, administrations and businesses. The higher the number of organizations signing the international appeal the more people can be mobilized worldwide to join actions and protests on 10th September 2011.
The International Appeal can be found here:
If you would like to support the International Appeal please send an email to:

We also kindly ask you to forward the call for action to your members as well as to your local and international partner-organizations.

Organize your own protests and events!
We would also like to encourage you to organize actions/protests under the motto “Freedom not Fear 2010 – Stop Surveillance Mania” in your own country. Feel free to translate the call for action into your language. To raise public awareness you may even release it to your local media with a description of your planned action/event.

For the organization and coordination of this year’s international action day we have set up a coordination office in Berlin. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries:

coordination office “Freedom not Fear 2011”


We would be very pleased if you supported our call for a greater protection of our right to privacy and freedom and participated in the international action day on 10th September 2011.

Best regards



Feel free to edit this to meet your national requirements - replace it with information about your organization, your campaign!

Enter some information about your organization or alike here! For example: The protest is supported by the "AK Vorrat" ("German Working group on data retention";, a german human rights group, which is supported in Germany by over 49 national organizations like human and civil rights groups, associations of journalists, lawyers and doctors, and many many more.

[1] The AK Vorrat has filed the largest "class-action" constitutional case of all times in Germany (as a symbol) against the adoption of the european directive on data retention (DR 2006/24/EC): (de/en)

[2] Joint statement on the draft bill on telecommunications data retention: (de/en)

[3] International Call for Action:

Please also read the following pages:

The info-page about the campaign is:

The idea and concept:

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