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This is the page to co-ordinate the European Freedom not Fear weekend in Brussels in September 2013.


Join us: Freedom not Fear 2013

European policy making is affecting our every day lives and civil liberties more and more. The EU is increasingly imposing unnecessary and disproportionate governmental surveillance measures on us. We are not willing to take this any longer.

Therefore we invite you to join us for about three days of

  • discussions
  • networking
  • protest
  • meetings with politicians


"Freedom not fear 2013 - Defending fundamental rights in our networked world"

We say NO to data retention and PNR and the respect of our fundamental rights in the digital environment.

Full list of demands

When and where?


From 27. - 30. September 2013 (Friday till Monday).

We are starting in the afternoon of Friday afternoon.

The official ending of the meeting shall be on Sunday evening, but there will be some more "action" on Monday, September 30, as some people want to organize some meetings with people from the EU Commission and Parliament.


We have booked some rooms in the "Mundo B" at Rue d'Edimbourg 26, where we had some wonderful days at Freedom not fear 2011 and 2012.

It's the home of some non-governmental organisations and a very lovely place with lots of space for our meeting.


The international mailing list is for those who'd like to take part in discussions about all topics of "digital rights" all over Europe.

But you can contact us also via E-mail and Twitter.

Mailing list

The international AK Vorrat mailing list is being used to talk about everything that needs to be discussed. The list is open to everyone, the list language is English. Please insert the tag [FNF] into the subject-line of any e-mail to make clear that its content belongs to this topic.


Contact via e-mail: info(at) (pgp-key)

(Members of this e-mail distribution list are Werner, Kirsten, Marius, Tobias, Katta, Frank, LJ, Marine, Christiana, Charles, Wim, Michael.)


Account: fnf11bxl

Tags: #fnf #fnf13


There is a blog for the international event of Freedom not fear:

Press contact

Please contact us at info(at)




  • ...


  • ...





We would like to offer time & space to exchange thoughts and concerns directly. As we believe, networking beyond borders is becoming more and more important; therefore this "event" shall provide an opportunity to get citizen initiatives from different countries together.

We will thus have four days of "Freedom not fear" in Brussels:

  • 27.9.2013 (Friday): Arriving, first meeting
  • 28.9.2013 (Saturday): Slots of networking, lectures and talks
  • 29.9.2013 (Sunday): Slots of networking, lectures and talks
  • 30.9.2013 (Monday): Meetings with politicians (self-organized!)

Schedule (timetable)

Find the Schedule for the three days and Mundo and its development here and feel free to add your personal input.

The following is only a graphical overview, a pre-version without obligation:

What's going on these days?

Proposed topics

Confirmed topics

This is a unstructured and fragmentary collection of already known topics, meetings and events at fnf13-days:

  • NoCCTV - meeting of international working group against video-surveillance
  • ...


Traveling and accommodation

We have collected some information to make getting to Brussels easier and to help you find some cheap accommodations.

Generally, accommodation has to be organized autonomously.

Mass accomodation available!

On the other hand we (again) organized/rented a flat in the very near of Mundo B house from Friday til Monday. This flat is expressively open for everybody with low budget! It will be paid by FNF community - it is free for the one, who like to share the available space with others. But bring your sleeping bag etc. with you and be ready to sleep with some other people in the one or two available rooms there. (And please contact Michael in that case before: micha_ebeling[att]mail36[dott]net or +49-1577-3919170.)

Any Questions? Don't hesitate to ask in case of you have a problem.


Subpages and Archive



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