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Schedule (Timetable)



Available Rooms

  • Friday 2PM
    • fair trade room (level -1) - up to 25..30 people
  • Friday 5PM
    • conference room (level -1) - up to 80..100 people
  • Saturday 9AM
    • aquarium room (level 1) - up to 16..20 people
    • urban room (level 1) - up to 14 people
    • flora room (level 0) - up to 10 people
    • fauna room - up to 8 people
    • cafeteria/lounge (level 0) - for lots of people


  • RED: Slots for meetings, workshops, lectures, discussions
  • GREEN: Plenary - coming together at the lounge
  • BLUE: Eating time
  • BLACK: anything else


Thursday (25-Sep-2014)

On Thursday Access will be organising an Apero on the Future of the Internet from 17h to 20h in the Leopold Park, right behind the European Parliament.

The event will bring together the digital civil rights community with the newly elected Members of European Parliament. This is a great opportunity for activists to meet with MEPs and discuss your major priorities. Don't forget to bring stickers and swag :)

For questions contact Raegan (raegan [ät] accessnow [dot] org)

Apero on the Future of the Internet Practical information

Date & Time: September 25 from 17h to 20h.

Venue: Leopold Park - Access via Rue Wiertz, near the entrance of the European Parliament Paul Henri Spaak building

Friday (26-Sep-2014)

time conference room
fair trade room
aquarium room
flora room
fauna room
welcome and arriving time
(not available) (not available) (not available) (not available) coming together, open space
evening session
Keynote by Jillian York - How surveillance chills free speech (available) (available) (available) coming together, open space
night time
Discussion with Paul Nemitz (Director at DG Justice, EU Commission) on the data protection reform, transfers to third countries, the future of the Safe Harbour and the right to be forgotten ----- ----- ----- coming together, open space

Saturday (27-Sep-2014)

time conference room
fair trade room
aquarium room
lotus (20)
open time
----- ----- ----- -----
Kick-off plenary
----- ----- ----- -----
morning session
TTIP - A trojan horse for digital rights (Glyn Moody & Access) "Securi-what?": Trust, Assurance, Infrastructure, and Humans (Eleanor Saitta) ----- -----
after lunch
talk about the meeting w/ Nemitz ----- ----- -----
afternoon session
Net neutrality - challenging times (Tom & Lennart) Resolution decentralisation -----
afternoon session II
What we can do to fight surveillance (Jillian York) Code Red project & police/national security activism (Simon Davies) ----- -----
evening session
Cyberpeace Being proactive workshop: rewrite (Thomas) -----
supper time
evening plenary ----- ----- -----
night session
BBQ at the Hackerspace BXL (bring your own meat/veggies!) ----- ----- -----
the FNF night
BBQ at the Hackerspace BXL (bring your own meat/veggies!) ----- ----- -----

Sunday (28-Sep-2014)

time conference room
fair trade room
aquarium room
urban room
open time
----- ----- ----- -----
starting session
What is this ´CETA´ of which you speak? An analysis on the digital rights parts of the agreement & insane pictures to lighten the mood (Ton Siedsma, BoF) Building local, non-profit and respectful Internet Access Providers: how monopolies of big providers prevent this in Europe (KheOps) work on the resolution -----
sunday meeting (plenary)
----- ----- ----- -----
lunch time
----- ----- ----- -----
afternoon session
Meeting with EDPS IPEN initiative (starting at 3pm) Building the house of digital freedom in Berlin - A project by RWB Germany and Tactical Tech Implications of the ECJ data retention ruling and how to stop EU-PNR (Ralf Bendrath, Alexander Sander) Concrete action in the world of drones / Big Brother Day (Miek)
evening session
FAQ on the Right to be Forgotten (B. Van Alsenoy, J. Ausloos and A. Kuczerawy, KU Leuven) fingerprint verification (mundanely known as "key signing") session with ilf and seniorexpat - edit before! How the EU institutions work and how to get involved in the policy-making process (Joe & Kirsten, EDRi) EU borders and beyond (film & discussion / Johan)
goodbye meeting (plenary)
----- ----- ----- -----
supper time
Screening: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz ----- ----- -----
fading out - cleaning!
----- ----- ----- -----

Monday (29-Sep-2014)

Monday is reserved for meetings with politicians from parliament and commission on participants' own initiative and organized by them.

Commissioner-candidate hearings in the EU Parliament

You can find the timetable here: Timetable hearings. They will take place on Monday afternoon in rooms JAN 2Q2 and JAn 4Q2.

You can find a map of the European Parliament over here

Digitalcourage slot

Digitalcourage organized a group visit at the European Parliament, which is mandatory in order to receive the travel allowance. We will meet at 11:00 h at the visitor center of the European Parliament!

Responsible: Detlev, for questions just mail to

Other events

Graphical timeline

Mundo B house (overview)

Elevators for all levels are available as are toilets for people in wheel chairs.

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