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|- style="background-color: #E0E9FB;"
|- style="background-color: #E0E9FB;"
| <span style="color:blue;">'''supper time<br/>(19:30–21:00)'''</span>
| <span style="color:blue;">'''supper time<br/>(19:30–20:30)'''</span>
| colspan=4 | 60 minutes break
| colspan=4 | 60 minutes break

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Colour scheme

  • Red: Slots for meetings, workshops, lectures, discussions
  • Green: Plenary – gathering in the lounge
  • Blue: Breaks! Time to eat!
  • Black: other stuff


Please add your session and make suggestions!

Issues: Privacy Shield / data protection reform / future of FNF / Fundraising challenges / EU border surveillance / data retention / intern. networking / net neutrality / copyright / open search index / …

Thursday (13 Oct 2016)

Do we want to have a orga pre-meeting? Is there an event in Brussels worth going to on Thursday?

  • Access Now is preparing a meet & greet Apero on Thursday evening at Ralph's Bar on Place du Luxembourg just around the corner.

Friday (14 Oct 2016)

Please consider:

  • this year you can decide if you want to have professional facilitation / moderation by Wiebke Herding for your session
  • session formats can be: talks, discussions, workshops, lightning talk, film, building something, writing something etc.
  • each session should be documented somehow (use a pad/flip chart/whatever)
  • it's perfect to work on something specific like a press release, a letter to politicians, project proposal, blog article, contribution to an existing project, code, statement, website etc.
  • table cells marked with ― are open for you to announce your session! (topic / format / person in charge)
time conference room
(80 people)
fair trade room
(25 people)
aquarium room
(20 people)
flora room
(10 people)
fauna room
(8 people)
welcome and arriving time
(available) (not available) (not available) (not available)  ?
evening session
Keynote by Anne Roth, solo or possibly with a second speaker (available) (available) (available) coming together, open space
night time
Round of Q&A, Moderator: Jennifer Baker (a.k.a. @BrusselsGeek) coming together, open space

Cafeteria not available on Friday, but open on Saturday and Sunday

Saturday (15 Oct 2016)

time conference room
aquarium room
urban room
lotus (20)
open time
Kick-off plenary / moderated by Wiebke Herding
morning session
topic / format / person in charge Preparation of Monday meetings: Pad for meetings Enough is enough – let's build a Surveillance Index / input + discussion / Friedemann + you? Exercise of your access rights (EU, CH, Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield) / input + discussion / Paul-Olivier Dehaye
60 minutes break
after-lunch session

Slots for shorter talks (ca. 30+5 mins)
topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge
afternoon session
EU wide importance of Dutch ECtHR cases against violation of Human Rights by biometric-RFID passports and ID-cards by the Netherlands and EC Regulation no 444/2009’/ WORKSHOP / by Jos Hemelaar (lawyer) international copyright system, save harbours vs. p2p free communication / Magda CETA - our most urgent trade agreement problem right now / Short Talk + Discussion / Walter open EU web index by Albrecht Ude
afternoon session II
We do not forget: Rebooting Memopol / workshop / Okhin Preparation of Monday meetings: Pad for meetings outdoor: guided lobbytour through Brussels with Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) (25 people) the upcoming EU e-privacy-reform / workshop / Ralf Bendrath
evening session
28 days later (after BEREC's guidelines) - About Respect My Net & How you kill Net Neutrality violations in your country / talk / Chris, Thomas Lohninger & Lennart Huizing Cooperation between Academia and Activism - how can we help each other? / Short Talk + Discussion / Max Maass An open registry of data controllers in Europe and US: Potential benefits and how we can make it happen / short talk and discussion / Aleksi Knuutila and Paul-Olivier Dehaye the proposed EU online contract law and its possible implications for data protection / workshop / Ralf Bendrath, Agustin Reyna
evening plenary
moderated by Wiebke
60 minutes break
night session
"Democracy", the documentary on the #EUdataP reform)

the FNF night

Sunday (16 Oct 2016)

time conference room
fair trade room
aquarium room
urban room
open time
topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge
sunday meeting (plenary)
starting session
Simon Davies – „You MUST be joking... Humour and satire in privacy“ Marcy Wheeler - "Surveillance Whack-A-Mole" As activists on both sides of the Atlantic legally and legislatively challenge surveillance, the spies continue to use those legal boundaries to continue their activities. A talk on how we might combat this process of surveillance arbitrage. PrivacyCafé offered by Privacy Training Center / Jan EDRi network working group (pt I) / workshop / Evelyn (BoF)
sunday meeting (plenary)
60 minutes break
afternoon session I
topic / format / person in charge BREXIT Discussion / Talk / Jim Killock Lightning Talks: Present your project/campaign/initiative Acting together: Action against surveillance in EU. (project proposals welcome! Digitalcourage: „Shut down secret services!“)
afternoon session II
Preparation of Monday meetings: Pad for meetings EU smart border policy established on biometric registration and surveillance of all foreigners, visitors and EU citizens/ implications for internal total surveillance and remotely-controlled borders/ WORKSHOP /Miek-Vrijbit HEAT - the Handbook for the Evaluation of Anti-Terrorism laws - A scientific method to assess the fundamental rights footprint of any surveillance legislation | talk & discussion | Alexander Czadilek & Thomas Lohninger EDRi network working group (pt II) / workshop / Evelyn (BoF)
evening session
Copyright Reform, Christmas has come early for the copyright dinosaurs / Short Talk + Discussion / Walter & Diego topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge topic / format / person in charge
goodbye meeting (plenary in cafeteria)
supper time
60 minutes break
fading out – cleaning!

Monday (17 Oct 2016)

Monday is reserved for meetings with politicians from the Parliament and Commission staff:

schedule on Monday estimated for the time being (EU-Parl.):

  • 10:00 – 11:30 Meeting with MEP Julia Reda & Jan Philipp Albrecht
  • 13:00 – 17:30 Time for self organised MEP meetings (see below) (EU-Parl.)
  • 15:00 – 17:00 Meeting with MEP Josef Weidenholzer (EU-Parl.)

self organised MEP meetings

Feel free to arrange meetings with Members of Parliament and announce your meeting in this pad: we have room PHS 4B48 from 13:00–17.30 in visitor area EU-Parl.

Please let us know if you wish to participate in any of the following meetings:

Digitalcourage slot

Many thanks to the MEPs Julia Reda, Jan Philipp Albrecht and Joe Weidenholzer, who are offering travel allowances for FNF 16 participants. There will be a group visit at the European Parliament, which is mandatory in order to receive the travel allowance. We will meet at (time tbd) at the visitor centre of the European Parliament.

The visit is organized by Digitalcourage. Register here …

Responsible: Detlev, questions to

Mundo B house (overview)

Elevators for all levels are available as are toilets for people in wheel chairs.

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