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This is the Planning-Wikipage for the Cross-Border Meeting in Regensburg against Data Retention in the EU


Invitation for the Cross-Border Meeting in Regensburg against Data Retention in the EU (in german and english) to send per mail to interested people.



Friday 05/20/2011 - Saturday 05/21/2011.
Maybe Sunday 05/22/2011 as well, depending on demand.


Universität Regensburg, Central Auditorium (Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude) Link OpenStreeMap

Getting There

By Train

  1. You arrive at the Main Station (Hauptbahnhof),
  2. cross the street to bus station "Alberstraße" [[1] bus station]
  3. take bus line 6 or 11, get out at "Universität Mensa"
  4. follow the signs

By Car

  1. Autobahn A3 exit "Regensburg Universität"
  2. Galgenbergstraße
  3. Albertus-Magnus-Straße (there are parking possibilities underground)
  4. go to the bus station in the subway (Universität Mensa)
  5. follow the signs

Schedule Friday

3h - 6:30h (PM): Studentenhaus 1.Stock, Come-Together-BBQ at the student union (?)
7h - 10h (PM): Lecture Hall 5: Talk and discussion with Malte Spitz. He belongs to the executive board of the German Green Party and he managed to legally forced the withdrawal of stored communication data related to him. Malte was only able to get the data relating to himself. The numbers and locations of the people he had communicated with were also saved but he did not obtain this data. The German weekly newspaper "ZEIT ONLINE" published the received data. The graphics show the power and danger of the communication data very starkly. On the friday evening, Malte Spitz will be speaking at our meeting together with Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff in the capacity of experts for the technical side and Mrs Sabine Sobola will be responsable for the legal background. We are trying to organise a simultaneous translation of the symposium. Only this part of the weekend will be held in german.
Afterwards: Leave for the sleeping accommodations

Schedule Saturday

10 - 11h (AM): Lecture Hall 2: Breakfast, Sandwiches will be offered the whole day.
11 (AM) - 1h (PM): Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Present and Discuss the different situations in the attendant countries.
  • Workshop 2: Freedom not Fear 2011 Timeline and Call both still in german. (International large-scale rallies on 10th of September 2011)
  • Workshop 3: (If you want to present a workshop at the meeting, than you can fill it in here or write us a mail.)

2h (PM): Presentation and discussion (Callshop Meeting). The "Callshop Meeting" is a newly developed off-line campaign form. The test run takes place on the 5th of May 2011 in Regensburg. Two aspects will be covered in this event: on the one hand we would like to provide a platform for citizens to do lobbying in Brussels and on the other we want to do public relations locally. Now, how will we achieve these results? Quite easily: We call the Members of the European Parliament on the phone. Of course we will not do this quietly in our room - we will go public and meet in a cybercafé/internet café/callshop and invite the press and the public to be part of it. Planning-Page in german
Later (Evening): Departure OR if there are many request, than we can expand the meeting. In this case, lecture hall 2 is allready reserved for sunday.

Schedule Sunday

optional, lecture hall 2 is booked

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Freigeistiges Zentrum, Hemauerstraße 15, Armin's couch Friedenstraße 17 (near main station)
  • There are also more possibilities for private accommodations.
  • Youth Hostel Ratisbon
  • Hostel Brook Lane


Please subscribe here if you'd like to come and leave a short note in case you need a place to sleep ;)

  • Armin
  • Thomas
  • Ben
  • Suat (not sure, have to organise a ride ...)
  • Daniel from Graz/Austria. It would be great if I could sleep on somebodys couch.
  • 2 Guests from Prag (www.iure.org)

Press Release

We are preparing a press release for the AK Vorrat in the aftermath of the meeting. You can join us here: News release (in german and english)

The Announcement is already sent and published in german: http://www.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/content/view/447/1/

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