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(Central press office)
(Central press office)
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The central press office is located at [,+10115+Berlin&sll=52.530478,13.379846&sspn=0.011409,0.027637&ie=UTF8&ll=52.530478,13.379846&spn=0.011409,0.027637&z=15&iwloc=addr Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin].
The central press office is located at [,+10115+Berlin&sll=52.530478,13.379846&sspn=0.011409,0.027637&ie=UTF8&ll=52.530478,13.379846&spn=0.011409,0.027637&z=15&iwloc=addr Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin].
* E-Mail: presse[[Bild:at.png]]
*'''E-Mail: presse[[Bild:at.png]]'''

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Project: Central Press Office for the International Action Day "Freedom Not Fear 2008"
Press Office
Standort: Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin
Important Info:


Central press office

The central press office is located at Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin.

  • E-Mail:
  • Tel:
    • +49-30-27581141 AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung
    • +49-30-27581143 FAX
    • +49-30-555751420 AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung (VoIP)
    • +49-30-555751421 AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung (VoIP)

Local Press Team

  • Coordination:
  • Florian Bischof, Mail: bischof[at], Jabber: , Mobile: +49-179-9769352...
  • FTP-Server for High-res Audio, Video, Photo: Upload: Per SFTP to, Benutzer "akpresse", password can be requested at the press office. Please create a folder name "CITY". Sort your media into subfolder (audio, video, photo). Please create one extra subfolder "best_pics" with your very best pictures (at most four pictures!).


(ad yourself behind each task)

  • Helpers in Berlin wanted!!!
  • komplettes Pressebüro in Presseverteiler (hm...)
  • Equiping the press office (material to be lend for 3 months from now on):
  • 1 coffee machine
  • Herdplatte/Herd (Herdplatte, manuel)
  • several cheap mobile phones (1x Ingmar; Email: , 1xmanuel)
  • Tabelle Orte (Flipchart/Wand) oder subetheredit rka
  • Internet access, landline Ryo
  • VoIP/DSL/ISDN router via Linux-PC/ManageSwitch, Ryo
  • 15 chairs TUB
  • 1 Laser printer rka, Ryo
  • Farbdrucker Florian, Ryo
  • 1 Fax machine rka
  • 1 einfachen Spülschrank Ryo, Peter
  • Kühlschrank rka
  • VoIP|DECT-phones c-base, Ryo
  • paper, pens, permanent marker, whiteboard-pens, A1-sheets for whiteboard (500pages A4, manuel)
  • Water and Club-Mate Ryo
  • some desktop PCs with displays Ryo, Werner
  • networking equipment, wires, switches... Ryo, CCC, AK/OGs
    • 1x 5Port Fast Ethernet Switch(Kabel,passiv) haette Zipf - - 0711 8064983.
    • Einen 8 Port Switch (10/100MBit/s) könnte der AK Vorrat Köln zur Verfügung stellen. Kontakt über roam 12:51, 25. Aug. 2008 (CEST).
    • Eine Fritzbox 7170, ein Linksys WRT54GL (läuft derzeit ddwrt drauf) sowie einen 24Port 10/100er switch (mit 2x gbit ports) kann die OG Wetzlar stellen. Bei bedarf bitte bei [[Benutzer:My-|My-Doom]] melden.
    • Bln.bine packt einen 16Port unmanaged Switch mit ins Kleinkram-Paket sollte naechste Woche (~22.9.) eintreffen
  • Pabs und RCRFs Presseverteiler in importierbarer Version an Presseteam
  • thumbnails in wiki verlinken unter /Aktuelle_Photos
  • Bundespressekonferenz-Verteiler: RCRF

Functions / Tasks

  • Collecting and Upload of high-res media from the participating countries
  • Monitoring press agencies, news and correcting them, if neccessary
  • Releasing press releases, short infos to press agencies and other press
  • Being contact for Journalists, Agencies etc.
  • Redirecting requests from journalists to national organisators/press releations officers and Spokesmen of participating organizations

Contact persons in the participating countries

Please enter yourself there:
List of press relations officers of the participating countries on 11.10.08


All press relations officers should subscribe to this mailing ist:

Press releases

  1. Letter to potential supporters - release dependant to national press releations officers (new participating countries may follow, whenever they want!)
  2. Press release with Call for Action - released on 27.07.08 (new participating countries may follow, whenever they want!)
  3. National press releases list - release dependant to national press releations officers
  4. Invitations to press conferences - tba
  5. Reminder - to be released on 06.10.08
  6. Live Infos during the Action Day - tba
  7. Highlights - During and after the Action Day



During the International Action, all informations will be available live and up-to-date at the Press center



Before, during and after the Action day, an international network of free and independant radios shall produce live broadcast. Headquarter will be linked at the International Actions Overview

Adresses of Livestream:

There will be one portal page with links to each national radio network! Source:

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