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Informations for Brussels privacy-travellers



Most important points are being marked on the map. With enough time it is easily possible to make most of the distances per feet, but public transport services are very good, too.



There are three big stations within the center of Brussels: "Bruxelles-Midi"/"Brussel-Zuid" in the South, "Gare du Nord"/"Noordstation" in the North and Brussels Central/Centraal Station. All international trains arrive at the Midi/Zuid Station. See the map.


For some connections taking the bus is a quite cheap way to travel to Brussels. Eurolines for example is offering cheap transport if you book in advance. Those busses end at the "Gare du Nord".


The main airport is "Brussels Zaventem" (BRU), some other mostly (cheaper) companies use "Brussels Charleroi" (CRL), which is also 1h bus travel (cost: 22 € return) from Brussels.


"Cheap" Hostels

Some more options



Dont play theatre - be yourself. Only if you really know, where to "lobby" for may do this authentically. It's more important do have some real interest, some fire - but at the same time it is very important to stay cool and factual. Be prepared!

Dont loose too many words, reduce to the argumentative core. Try to make in interesting and fascinating, what's moving you. It may be helpful to have a paper or a flyer with your points with you, at best in english or french language. But that shouldn't be too much but more compact and easy to overview. Ask for the view of your lobby partner and try to get in their way of thinking and argueing.


Probably at Parlamentariens (MEP's). They've got their offices in the "Altierro-Spinelli" building. Visitors entrance (where you will get picked up) is from the street named "Rue Wiertz" (eastside, not the pedastrian area side!)

In case of being part of a bigger, registered visitors group, it may be that you will find entrance at the groups entrance at the "Paul-Henri-Spaak" building.


Ask in time to get a date! Normally 3 to 4 weeks in advance should be okay but take care of holidays! And even if you get a date it may be only for 5 or 15 minutes. Or maybe you will not get the possibility to meet the policitcian itself but his or her clerk. But dont worry! This all does not have to implicate anything.

Find a good time to meet politicians from the European Parliament with taking a view on the EP-Calendar.

With that:

  • Sessions: Good, because all MEP's are in Brussels. But only short period meetings are possible (between the sessions).
  • Commitees: Good times, if you like to intervene for specific themes - if you know at what times your topic is being treated and who's the head for that, you may have the chance to hold a very specific talk.
  • Groups: At those times when the fractions are meeting you may eventually find a chance for single talks with more time.
  • But: While parlamentarians are in Strasbourg there is no chance at all to find responsible people in Brussels to talk with.

How to meet Parlamenaterians

After fixing the date you should be ready to wait a quarter of hour in advance at visitors entrance of "Altiero Spinelli". From the reception there you can call to the office of your MEP and ask for pick up. (It's not bad to arrange this at the same time as fixing the date.)

While waiting you my fill out the form and keep your identity card ready.

Visiting the MEP's house the first time they will take a photography of yours. That will be stored.

It is very useful to organize several dates within one day. With a little luck you may then stay within the security area all the time, without being accompanied to the exit after every date. And this might be a lucky chance to get in contact with others responsibles, too - even without having an explicite date ...

Unterwegs in Brüssel

Not any problem with feet. Also fine with busses and subway. Best with bike. :)


Important note!

All informations without any guarantee. Please help to keep this site actual and correct - you can edit this page without any registration.


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