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  • Only one document provides a useful assessment of the situation in a city and also the assessment of the harmfulness of a camera. Therefore help with the video surveillance of public record (for locations, purpose, owner), or in the coordination and integration of the individual swim goggles documentation that exists now in Germany:
    • Dresden in the view
    • [Http://osm.vdska.de/ OSM with cameras osm.vdska]
    • [Http://wiki.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/images/Aktion_video% C3% BCberwachung.pdf video surveillance in Hannover]
    • [Http://osm.leitstelle511.net/ OpenStreetMap project] of a Hanoverian, all the OSM-surveillance records automatically integrates with daily updates.
    • Http://1984.boocompany.com/
    • [Http://www.kubieziel.de/blog/archives/921-Videoueberwachung-in-Jena.html Google Maps project by cameras in Jena] and Google Maps]
  • In Austria:
    • Http://www.orwell.at/
  • Talk to owners of concern and requires justification cameras. (Sousveillance principle) (Flyer Design for this discussion) [[Image: VUE-aufkleber02 thumb.png | 150px | right] ]
  • Run protests against particularly brazen cameras.
    • How? Examples and help
  • Inform the relevant Country data protection.
    • Sample letter? Address list?
  • Report any illegal usage display.
    • Template?

Can * Help in creating a manual (wiki page) as the cameras capture the individual in his city, and publish their information. (Position, image, operators, HowTo OSM) ([# http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Getting_Involved Arbeiten_an_der_Karte instructions] to work on the card from the collaborative wiki of OSM)

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