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If you are an organization in the United States, you are invited to join Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and IP Justice in support of Freedom Not Fear in the United States. We are seeking sign on from individual organizations until October 11, 2008. Please send your endorsement to the following email: katitza (AT) epic (DOT) org.


In recognition of October 11, Freedom not Fear Day, many organizations in the United States set out the following recommendations:

- End Watch Lists, Fusion Centers and other data profiling programs that fail to comply with the full requirements of the federal Privacy Act;

- Affirm international human rights, including freedom of expression and privacy protection, so as to strengthen democratic institutions and protect the rights of individuals;

- Repeal the Patriot Act and other legal authorities that permit warrantless surveillance and unconstitutional monitoring and tracking of individuals;

- End the culture of secrecy that allows government officials to hide mismanagement, fraud, and incompetence behind the veil of "homeland security";

- Establish comprehensive data protection legislation that will safeguard personal information and reduce the risk of identity theft and security breaches.

We, the undersigned organizations, join in support of Freedom not Fear International action day:

Endorsements will be published here [1]

More information: Freedom not Fear Day, International

German Working Group on Data Retention (AK Vorrat)

Freedom not Fear Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Freedom not Fear Day in Manta, Ecuador

Freedom not Fear Day in Macedonia,en/.

Freedom not Fear Day in Washington, DC United States

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