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|thema = List for international networking of digital rights activists
|thema = List for international networking of digital rights activists
|andere listen = vernetzung
|andere listen = vernetzung
|konf-moderatoren = alder
|konf-moderatoren = alder, sirin
|konf-lesen = Mitglieder
|konf-lesen = Mitglieder
|konf-schreiben = Mitglieder
|konf-schreiben = Mitglieder

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Beschreibung der Liste

List for international networking of digital rights activists

Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Listen



  • Moderatoren/-innen: alder, sirin
  • Lesen: Mitglieder
  • Schreiben: Mitglieder
  • Registrierung: offen mit Bestätigung, ohne Moderatoren-Bestätigung
  • Moderation: nein
  • Mitgliederliste sichtbar: Moderatoren
  • Antworten-An: Nein
  • Archiv: nein
  • Sprache: EN
  • Anhänge: nein


Welcome to the "Freedom not Fear" mailing list

You have been added successfully to the freedom not fear mailing-list (fnf).

Our goal is to build international relations with activists and NGOs all over Europe and deepen existing contacts from fnf-alliance, to facilitate ad hoc collaboration between people in different states and organize multilateral meetings with activists and NGOs from all over Europe. We want a strong alliance for civil and human rights in the digital age.

Thank you for joining our purpose!

You can modify your subscription at: ....

For feedback please contact the list owner.



sad to see you leave. We hope we can still stay in touch. Please contact for any feedback, ideas or questions.

Our website: [1], our wiki: [2]


  • Mitglieder: unknown
  • Traffic: medium (5-10 mails per month), but that hopefully will increase!

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