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Idee: Wir suchen einen ausländischen Anbieter, der trotz Vorratsdatenspeicherung anonyme Telekommunikation in Deutschland ermöglicht.

Entwurf eines Aufrufs:

Call for providers of anonymous and retention-free telecommunications services

We are a German privacy group intending to protect Germans from the retention of their communications data for government purposes. The German parliament has passed a bill requiring the retention of traffic data for fixed line, mobile and VoIP telephony as well as for e-mail and internet access services as of 2008/2009. However there is a legitimate interest in anonymous communications (e.g. with political activists, with medical and legal consultants or with journalists), so we would like to ensure the continued availability of such services in Germany.

To that end, we are looking for an international (preferably Canadian) partner that will provide anonymous and retention-free telecommunications services to German residents. Services we seek to be provided include:

  • Prepaid Internet telephony service for calling and receiving calls from owners of fixed line or mobile phones. It is required that the provider delete any traffic data immediately after a call. The provider shall not hold personally identifyable data about customers. The caller ID should be anonymized for outgoing calls.
  • E-Mail mailboxes for sending and receiving e-mails. It is required that the provider does not retain any log files, including the users' IP addresses. Secure connections (SSL) should be available. Outgoing mail should not contain the user's IP address. This service should be advertisement funded and provided for free.

We offer to contribute to the project by helping with translations. We will also advertise the services in Germany and sell prepaid cards in our offices free of charge.

We believe that providing the services outlined above is economically attractive to our partners. There is a sufficiently large market in Germany to make such services profitable. The services could be offered to other European or non-European countries as well. We would ask our fellow privacy NGOs abroad to promote them.

For more information or to make an offer, please contact the German Working Group on Data Retention (Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung).

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