FAQ on the Right to be Forgotten

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Freedom not Fear 2014 - Saturday, 27 September at 11:15-12:45

FAQ on the Right to be Forgotten

Summary of the session

In May of this year, the Court of Justice of the European Union decided that individuals can – under certain conditions – ask Google to stop referring to information about them. This ruling has sparked an unprecedented debate about the balance between privacy and freedom of expression online. It has also left many questions unanswered. The aim of this session is to exchange of ideas on some of the key issues; such as:

  • When should a person (not) have a right to have search results removed?
  • How should search engines balance the privacy of an individual against the public’s right to know?
  • How should search engines implement “the right to be forgotten” in practice? Should search results be removed globally or locally?
  • How can one minimise negative effects on the right to freedom of expression? What can we learn from the experience regarding copyright takedowns?

This session will be moderated by B. Van Alsenoy, J. Ausloos and A. Kuczerawy from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (KU Leuven – ICRI/CIR – iMinds)

Slides of the session

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