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Press Office


  • Tel: +49-30-555751420
  • Fax: +49-30-27581143
  • E-Mail: presse[at]


  • Florian Bischof, Mail: bischof[at], Jabber: , Mobile: +49-179-9769352

Until the day of the action the press office can be found at Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin. All information about this, can be found here.

This office also collects the information of all participating countries of the international day of the action and prepares the incoming information, fotos etc. for the press.

All information will be published live in the press ticker.

Press team on site

During the day of the action the press team will be present on site at the final demonstration at the Brandenburger Tor. Here all information from Berlin and all participating countries will be merged in real time. It is particulary intended as the contact point for the representatives of press and media, who can obtain actual information about the demonstration in Berlin and the actions worldwide.

It will be made sure, that there is internet access as well as coffee and watr.

Sharing media, pictures, video

Video, audio and fotos for free usage by the press can be found here: Aktuelle Photos.

Livestream and video-mirros are available under Freedom_Not_Fear_2008/Berlin_de/Livestream.

Press reports

  • Final report and summary

You will also find all actual information in our press center and on our portal page.



Before, during and after the Action day, an international network of free and independent radios will produce live broadcast. Headquarter will be linked at the International Actions Overview

Adresses of Livestream:

There will be one portal page with links to each national radio network! Source:

Video Broadcast of final statements from 17.30 until 19.00 at

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