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For a overview about all upcoming nationwide actions and their corresponding contacts, please see: International actions overview

If you want to participate in the action day with your organization, please contact the national contact listed there and add yourself! Per country, one organization, one coordinating officer and one press relations officer should be named.

You can use this wiki for the organization of your local actions. No registration is necessary and no IP-Adresses are saved.

Please try to keep all information at Freedom Not Fear 2008 and at the overview page up to date!

International Call for Action: Freedom_Not_Fear_2008/Call_for_action. Please translate this to your language and save it under Freedom_Not_Fear_2008/CITY_cc/Call_for_action. (replace "cc" with your two-digit country code)

The idea and concept:

1. Vorträge - Wer? (Womöglich durch Chaosdock 2008 breit abgedeckt)
2. solemn vigil - Wer?
3. demonstration - Wer?
4. art event - Wer?
5. flashmob / around the city - Wer?
6. political rally - Wer?
7. barbecue - Wer?
8. party/musik - atelier anorg?
9. information desk - Wer? (Womöglich durch Leute des CCCZH / des Chaosdock 2008)

evtl. don't/eat it show am abend ab 20 uhr moderiert von wildprovider

Chaosdock 2008 - Freiheit statt Angst

The activism in Zurich shall be connected with the Chaos Computer Club's yearly event Chaosdock - see Chaosdock 2008-article

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