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Announcement from the summermeeting 19 June 2011

The following text is part of an internal AK-Vorrat-annonuncement from June 19th, 2011. Please note: this is just the state of discussion and nothing final. Things have to be discussed - feel free to join our vision and participate!

There's a couple of people who'd like to organise a small demonstration in Brussels against data retention. [We should put our meeting under a bigger umbrella to enable groups concerned about freedom of internet to join us, too ...]

On our yearly summer meeting in Germany we had some (also controversial) discussion that led to this text.

We would like to give it a try: We want to support groups in Brussels and its surroundings who are willing to organise demonstrations. In addition, we are looking forward to gathering international experience in campaigning.

Please note that it is of big importance to us that by no means we want to compete with "Freedom not Fear" on September 10th in Berlin. Furthermore, we don't want to evoke great expectations that we won't be able to meet.

However, we want to offer more than a demonstration: It might for example be nice to stay in Brussels for two or three days in order to combine our protest with networking, becoming acquainted with other activists and having a lobbying day. That's what we have in mind and what might provide an incentive for some people to set out for Brussels.

For these reasons – no competition and the chance for people to join both the Berlin demonstration and the Brussels demonstration - we aim for Saturday, September 17th.

There are some other things we would like to point out:

  • Everyone is invited to participate in this wiki and on the international mailing list.
  • It is generally agreed that "Freedom not Fear" is no suitable slogan for September 17th because it can be mixed up with the demonstration on September 10th. Therefore, we're searching for a different slogan. Has anybody got an idea?
  • We will have a meeting on July 30th and 31st in Stade (Germany) in order to see how far we will have progressed and what the further devolopment should look like. Everyone who's interested in this project is invited to participate.
  • This is a very basic wiki page covering our attempt.
  • A lot of our ideas can be found on our summer meeting etherpad. Look for Saturday evening's and Sunday's entries (unfortunately it's only in German - we will transfer it to this wiki page soon).

Any support and every helpful idea/participation is welcome!

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