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What is this competition about and what are we looking for?

On September 17th to 19th of 2011 there will be an European weekend of protesting, networking and discussing to defend our fundamental rights in a "digital world".

We are looking for a sign, a logo, a graphic, an emblem ... whatever - anything to brand this event.

We are looking forward to use this

  • on all websites, connected to that event
  • on all press-releases
  • on flyers (and posters), that are being worked out for the weekend


If you have any idea, graphic or picture to support us: please put it in this wiki (see below) or - if you prefer - send it to our contact-email-address. Do not forget to tell us, how we can contact you or if you wish not to be mentioned namely.

Please respect other people's work: do not break any rule of copyright or creative commons.

Important: If you send us any files in connection with this competition you are putting that graphic/idea under a sharealike-creative-commons-licence (creative commons 2.0 by-sa). That is necessary to enable the use of your work for our aims.

There are no further restrictions: We are open to any graphics, pictures, logos, clips, banners or whatever you like to send to us.


This competitions starts at once (July 7th 2011) and ends on 18th July (inclusive).


Sorry: Only a Belgian chocolate bar.

Any work for and around our weekend-event ist being done voluntarily. Therefore we cannot effort any awards except mentioning your name, giving you a pile of thanks and taking your name in our visional hall of fame for defending fundamental rights. :)


After collecting some proposals we will call for a simple doodle-vote in order to determine the most popular proposal. Please be after it and have a look here, in this wiki, or join the international mailinglist for an announcement of the voting.

Collection of proposals

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