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Here you can find an overview of events on Freedom not Fear day (10 September 2011) as well as contact information.


  • Press Center in Berlin


Organisation: Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Director of organisation: Demobüro "Freiheit statt Angst", E-Mail

Media relations officer: Press contacts

Type of event: Protest march


Time: Planning page: Freiheit statt Angst am 10. September 2011 (in German)

Details: See here

Media sharing: Blog,

Social media:


Organisation: mixed international group

Director of organisation: group, connected over the open international ak-vorrat-mailinglist

Media relations officer: no specific one til now, contact over email

Type of event: European Freedom-not-fear-weekend including protest march, networking, discussions and lobbying as good as possible

Place: Brussels

Time: Weekend of September 17-19, 2011 (saturday - monday)

Planning page:

Media sharing: not fixed

Social media: here

Austria / Vienna

Director of organisation: Andreas Krisch, contact:
Media relations officer: see above

Type of event: Civil society gathering, presentations, workshops and discussions.
Place: Metalab
Time: from 13:00 to 22:00 (still subject to minor changes)
Planning page:
Details: ...
Call for action, Press releases: (Links...)
Press conference: ...
Media sharing: (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr...)
Social media: (facebook, ...)


Please add information on your event at 10 September 2011.

There should be at least one local media relations officer and one director of organization in every participating city (this can be one and the same person but task sharing is more convenient). Please enter the ones responsible for each city and list email address and phone number.

Example entry: (please copy and paste here to modify)


Director of organisation: name, email, phone
Media relations officer: name, email, phone
Type of event: solemn vigil/demonstration/art event/flashmob/political rally/barbecue/party/information desk/...
Place: exact description/address, map link (if possible)
Time: from ... to ...
Planning page: CITY
Details: ...
Call for action, Press releases: (Links...)
Press conference: ...
Media sharing: (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr...)
Social media: (facebook, ...)

Where director of organisation means a contact person for interested people, organizations, allied and co-operational partners and media relations officer means a contact person for press, media and responsible for link to central press office.

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