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Human CCTV walk at FNF12



monday, 17-sep-2012, 10:30-12:30


on and around place du luxembourg


raising the question of the right to be left alone


excerpt from the announcement to the authorities of brussels:

The Human CCTV is a guest in Brussels just like any other tourist in the European capital.
Therefore it will only walk in public spaces and pedestrian area as guests and tourists normally do.

The Human CCTV is going to have a walk on and around Place du Luxembourg.

The Human CCTV does not speak.

It is a quiet CCTV like all its brothers and sisters around.

But even without any kind of voice or sound it wants to raise the question, if there might be a right to be left alone.

It is unforeseeable if the Human CCTV will find any answer to this question and what other people might think about it.

In case of finding some friends of the freedom of anonymity it might happen,
that they like to express their opinion by putting a colourful paper basket over their heads.

Of course, if being asked by police they will take down their paper basket,
which is a manifestation of their freedom of expression,
for a while to let the police see, who is within and under the basket.

more ideas?

look here
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