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Planning of walk of protest


[edit] Walk of protest at FNF12

[edit] Time

Saturday, 15-Sep-2012

Starting: 11:00 (11am)

Ending: 13:00 (1pm)

[edit] Route

[edit] Last year

Walk of Protest - Freedom not fear 2011

[edit] Basics

  • walk of protest not obligatory, just one of several points within the days of sessions/barcamp
  • shorter distance than in 2011
--> decision: protesting only in eu-quarter or in the city of Brussels
  • starting in the near of mundo would be very helpful
  • registration of protest has to be sent to every concerned mayor of brussels three weeks in advance!

[edit] Decisions to be made

[edit] Time

saturday noon: 11:00 to 13:00 (I applied for this time slot)

[edit] Place


a) short distance - only european quarter

b) short distance - only town/city of brussels


c) short distance - Namur - Justice Palace - Albertin - Grasmarkt - Albertin - Namur

[edit] Proposals for walk of protest in the city

[edit] Alternatives

"Spotlight demonstrations" at different points - using the public transportation to stand up at very different places, for example:

  • in front of parliament
  • in front of commission
  • in the city of Brussels
  • in front of the Atomium

We could travel as a group with public transportation from point to point and have some fun on our way ...

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