Pressebüro zur Demonstration am 11. Oktober 2008

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Freedom Not Fear 2008 > Berlin: Pressebüro

Project: Central Press Office for the International Action Day "Freedom Not Fear 2008"
Press Office
Standort: Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin
Important Info:


[edit] Central press office

Das zentrale Pressebüro befindet sich in der Hessische Strasse 10, D-10115 Berlin.

  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: +49-30-555751420
  • Fax: +49-30-27581143

Weitere relevante Telefonnummern:

  • +49-30-27581141 - AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung (außerhalb der Freedom Not Fear 2008-Aktion)
  • +49-30-27581142 - Foebud e.V.

[edit] Local Press Team

  • Coordination:
  • Florian Bischof, Mail: bischof[at], Jabber: , Mobile: +49-179-9769352...
  • FTP-Server for High-res Audio, Video, Photo: Upload: Per SFTP to, Benutzer "akpresse", password can be requested at the press office. Please create a folder name "CITY". Sort your media into subfolder (audio, video, photo). Please create one extra subfolder "best_pics" with your very best pictures (at most four pictures!).


  • Helpers in Berlin wanted!!!
  • Tabelle Orte (Flipchart/Wand) oder subetheredit,
  • komplettes Pressebüro in presseverteiler
  • Pabs und RCRFs Presseverteiler in importierbarer Version an Presseteam
  • thumbnails in wiki verlinken unter /Aktuelle_Photos
  • Bundespressekonferenz-Verteiler: RCRF

[edit] Functions / Tasks

  • Collecting and Upload of high-res media from the participating countries
  • Monitoring press agencies, news and correcting them, if neccessary
  • Releasing press releases, short infos to press agencies and other press
  • Being contact for Journalists, Agencies etc.
  • Redirecting requests from journalists to national organisators/press releations officers and Spokesmen of participating organizations

[edit] Contact persons in the participating countries

Please enter yourself there:
List of press relations officers of the participating countries on 11.10.08

[edit] Mailinglist

All press relations officers should subscribe to this mailing ist:

[edit] Press releases

  1. Letter to potential supporters - release dependant to national press releations officers (new participating countries may follow, whenever they want!)
  2. Press release with Call for Action - released on 27.07.08 (new participating countries may follow, whenever they want!)
  3. National press releases list - release dependant to national press releations officers
  4. Invitations to press conferences - tba
  5. Reminder - to be released on 06.10.08
  6. Live Infos during the Action Day - tba
  7. Highlights - During and after the Action Day

[edit] Templates

[edit] Live-newsticker

During the International Action, all informations will be available live and up-to-date at the Press center

[edit] Live-Radio-Broadcast


Before, during and after the Action day, an international network of free and independant radios shall produce live broadcast. Headquarter will be linked at the International Actions Overview

[edit] Adresses of Livestream:

There will be one portal page with links to each national radio network! Source:

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