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Workshop on the state of net neutrality.


Net neutrality was adopted in the European Parliament, despite Commissioner Neelie Kroes' attempts at wounding it. But we're not there yet. The Parliament will have another vote in the near future - a new parliament that has new majorities. And can the Council or the new Commission try to corrupt the text adopted by Parliament?

And what about the influence from developments in other areas of the world? The USA seems to be moving away from net neutrality. Does that limit the viability of net neutrality in the EU?

In the workshop we will investigate the playing field and try to identify ways to influence the decision making process in favor of strong net neutrality protections in the EU and beyond.

Suggested topics

Please feel free to add to this list.

  • Where we are today
    • In the EU
      • Strengths and weaknesses of the text as adopted by Parliament
      • Challenges in trialogue discussions with Mordor and Isengard
    • In the USA
    • Elsewhere
    • Real breaches of net neutrality in the commercial world
      • The Wikimedia Zero betrayal
  • How to influence the trialogue discussions
    • For or against? The positions of different Member States
    • After Kroes leaves: gauging the position of the Commission
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