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Welcome to the Callshop Meeting howto!

Great! You found your way to our Callshop Meeting howto. With this howto we offer support to everyone who wants to arrange his one Callshop Meeting. Additionally to this howto we provide a detailed report about our experiences. To lessen your work, we provide some templates which could be used. Some parts are marked as optional. With these parts you can extend your campaign. At the bottom of this page we collect pictures, videos and reports from former Callshop Meetings, so send us some of these!

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The idea

We want to influence the evaluation of the EU Data Retention Directive and to inform the public about it. The Callshop Meeting is a novel campaign and a possibility to take influence on Europe. Two aspects are are implied:

a) Citizens as lobbyists for their rights
b) Publicity in your town

These goals are achieved by calling members of the European Parliament in public and inviting the press to this event. The call should point out, that also normal citizens are concerned about this topic and that the directive should be abolished. It should be as easy as possible for the participants to call Brussels. They don't have to search the phone numbers or prepare all the information themselves. Moreover it's easier for the people, if they don't have to do the calls alone.

Background knowledge

Our motivation to make a Callshop Meeting was the evaluation of the data retention directive (Directive 2006/24/EC). The evaluation is a good chance to influence the content of the directive. The disclosure of the evaluation report from the European Commission delayed and was published on 18. April 2011. The report presents faults and risk of the data retention. The presented statistics and individual cases don't confirm the necessity of the data retention as showed in the shadow report published by EDRi and AK-Vorrat. Until the end of the year (2011) the European Commission should present a recommendation for changes of the data retention directive. So NOW the time is right to influence the politicians in Europe!

Reports, videos and pictures (up to now: only the pictures of the regensburger's callshop meeting :) )




how to start

Team building

It's always hard to start a new campaign, but it's much easier, if you're not alone. So try to find people, who support you. You can for example contact people from the youth organisations of the parties. Another advantage of having support from these organisations is, that it increases the probability, that the members of the parliament want to talk to you. Moreover labour unions, Linux user groups, humanistic groups or human rights groups should be interested in this topic.

Contact them and visit them at their meetings to present the idea. These organisations have also a lot of possibilities to further publish the idea and to win participants.

Optional: You can also ask professional organisations, who are affected by data retention, like priests, lawyers or physicians. Their support also points out, that not only parties, but also normalcitizens are concerned about the data retention.

Meeting location

Try to meet once a week and search an adequate place for your meetings. Get to know each other and find out, which skills you have and distribute the tasks according to that. Find a way to stay in contact and to communicate (Jabber, mails, Wiki, ...), note each other's telephone numbers.

General requirements

Determine timeline

  • Date of the Callshop Meeting: If you want to call the people in Brussels, you have to search days, on which groups or committees take place (Calender of the Parliament).
  • You can ask the office of one of the members, who supports your idea, which date wouldbe good. The youth organisations of the parties can help with that.

For example the members of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs should be available on the selected date.

  • Meetings: Plan, how often you want to meet before the Callshop Meeting.

Optional: You can organize workshops or other events about the topic as preparation or addition for the Callshop Meeting. There you can train the people for the calls or win new participants. Moreover such an event is one more reason to publish a press release, in which you can also mention the Callshop meeting.

Determine callshop


Which members of the Parliament


contact members of the parliament

gaining participants

The fewest participants would be pedestrians, so it makes sens to discuss the backgrounds of the data retention at meeting of the participate groups, e.g. on regulare tables. So you have the chance to motivate the people from face to face. With calls over mailing lists, newsletters and boards are not very capable. Always try to motivate people face-to-face and don't forget your friends!

divide press work

standartise phone calls

organise technique

In general you need just some computer with internet, Skype and headsets. The headsets should be testet (voice quality, broken micro or earphones). To record the calls Callgraph is a adequate tool. Skype calls get automatically recorded. With the windows sound mixer sometimes you get bad results. Test it before. To avoid problems with existing Skype installation you can use Skype portable as backup.

For each Skype account you need a minimum amount of 11.5 Euro. With credit card Skype only allows to pay for one Skype account. So to charge more than one account you need Paypal or Giropay. The AK-Vorrat group from Regensburg can provide 7 accounts with sufficient credit.


post-processing of the campaign

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