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Dear friends,

we have a vision to engage in an event of the Europe-wide "Freedom not Fear action" taking place in Brussels.

After a period of putting our heads together, having some talks and thoughts we are a little bit proud having established this vision into a very first concept:

On September 17th to 19th (Saturday to Monday) we invite you and all of your friends, members and supporters to come to Brussels and join our European "Freedom not Fear weekend" - it is part of an international week of action for freedom of speech and privacy under the same motto. In the last years, it had been supported by a broad alliance of more than 150 organizations including political parties, professional associations, trade unions and freedom activists.

What's going on there?

We would like to start with a demonstration on Saturday: We say "No!" to data retention and PNR, we reject measures that are violating our fundamental democratic right to freedom of expression and we therefore call for immediate measures to protect Net Neutrality on a European level.

The following Sunday shall give us some room and time for networking over all European borders, meeting, making friends, giving and joining workshops, lectures and talks. It's only up to you and us, what we are making out of it.

On Monday, we would like to invite politicians, parlamentarians and representatives from the European Commission to lend us an ear, to hear our concerns and our arguments.

What do we ask for?

1. Please spread this invitation to all members and friends of your group, who are connected to the idea of defending our fundamental rights in a mordern, networked world. Everybody is invited to join us. Additional help in organizing would be great but is definitely not necessary.

2. We also would like to ask you for some support of our idea of an European weekend of protesting, networking and debating. It would be very helpful if we were allowed to feed our supporters-list with your name.

3. Finally, we are still looking for a nice logo/emblem/graphic to brand our "event". Therefore we started a competition (without money or material awards!) and it would be fine if you could spread the invitation to join this competition to all of your members.

More Information

Freedom not Fear 2011 Weekend-experience Brussels

Freedom not Fear


Open Mailinglist for all discussions


Personal contact
Kirsten: ethnes (at), Twitter: @Kirst3nF, Jabber: kirst3n (at)
Michael: micha_ebeling (at), Mobile (+49) 1577 - 39 19 170
Marius: maurice (at) prodlab (pt) net, GSM +49 176 609 607 88, Jabber: maurice.prodlab (at) draugr (pt) de
Kai-Uwe Steffens: kai-uwe (at), Mobile +49 (0)160 9484 7938

About us
We are a mixed group of NGO's and normal citizens from all over europe.

List of groups to be invited

Group/addressee Invited? By whom? Reply? Support? (yes/no)
AK Vorrat - yes, by michael yes yes
Nurpa - yes, by Kirsten yes
FoeBuD e.V. - yes, by michael yes yes yes, by Kirsten / / yes, by Kirsten 1 Jul. maybe
AK Zensus - yes, by michael yes yes
AK Zensur - yes, by michael yes yes
La Ligue des droits de l'homme .be yes 5. Jul. yes
Digitale Gesellschaft yes, by Kirsten 15. Jul. yes
Bits of Freedom yes, by Kirsten 14. Jul.
EFF yes, by Kirsten 14. Jul.
OpenRightsGroup yes, by Kirsten 14. Jul.
Hackerspace Brussels yes, by Kirsten 14. Jul.
Hackerspaces Benelux yes, by Kirsten 14. Jul.
NoPNR! yes, by Kirsten 15. Jul. yes
Iuricidum Remedium (CZE) yes, by Marius
Metamorphosis Foundation (MK) yes, by Marius
Privacy International (UK) yes, by Marius
Pangea (ESP) yes, by Marius
Digital Rights Ireland (IRE) yes, by Marius
Statewatch (UK) yes, by Marius
Association for Technology and Internet (ROM) yes, by Marius
Associazione per la Libertà nella Comunicazione Elettronica Interattiva (ITA) yes, by Marius
Associação Nacional para o Software Livre (POR) yes, by Marius
Electronic Frontier Finland (FIN) yes, by Marius
Electronic Frontier Norway (NOR) yes, by Marius
FITUG (GER) yes, by Marius
FIfF (GER) yes, by Marius
Foundation for Information Policy Research (UK) yes, by Marius
GreenNet (UK) yes, by Marius
IT-Pol (DEN) yes, by Marius
Panoptykon Foundation (POL) yes, by Marius
quintessenz (AUT) yes, by Marius
VIBE!AT (AUT) yes, by Marius
Vrijschrift (NED) yes, by Marius
Association Européenne pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme (BEL) yes, by Marius

See here the resulting listing of supporting groups.

Former actions

Draft of invitation-letter

Has been edited on etherpad.

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