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Work-and-lobby-weekend on PNR

The idea behind this is to get people from europe together to talk, (net)work and lobby against the planned Passenger-Name-Record-Directive (PNR-DR). We will also work on the PNR agreements between the EU and the US / Australia.


The idea behind this model of "work-and-lobby-weekend" ist as following:

time what's going on?
friday evening - saturday morning arrival, get together
saturday 10:00 arrival and start
saturday morning Ralf, Wouter and Alex will present on the state of play
saturday substantive work on the EU-PNR directive and the agreements
sunday 11:00 drafting FAQ, develop campaign compiling "common paper", preparing for monday
monday 9:30 get access badges at European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60 entrance
monday 10:00-17:00 meetings in the European Parliament, room WIB 05M003
monday evening saying good-bye

Everybody should feel free to use the time on monday or further on for his own lobbying-campaign. Once you're inside of Altiero Spinelli it is very easy to get in contact with MEP's or their right hands.


There is an etherpad for everything around this weekend: https://etherpad.foebud.org/pnr-weekend


2011, May 27 to 30 (friday til monday)


Brussels, Belgium.

For the weekend we will spend the day-time at the small conference room at mundo, Rue d'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Bruxelles, Tel. +32-2-894 4611

Here is a map of that location - it is quite near to the metro-station porte de namur, even very near to the European Parliament.

On Monday we'll have a conference room in the Willy Brandt building of the European Parliament (room 05M003).

Meeting point for those without EP entry passes is at 9:30 in front of the Altiero Spinelli (ASP) building, main entrance, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels (where the bridge goes between two buildings over the street, on the back side if you're coming from Place Luxembourg).


Wether friday evening in the lobby of the 2go4-hostel, let's say 6pm.

or saturday morning in mundo at 10:00 sharp.

Lobbying to whom?


  • Timothy Kirkhope (ECR, UK)
  • Jan-Philipp Albrecht (Greens, DE)
  • Axel Voss / Monika Hohlmeier (EPP, DE / DE)
  • Birgit Sippel (S&D, DE)
  • Sophie In't Veld / Alexander Alvaro (ALDE, NL / DE)
  • Rui Tavares / Cornelia Ernst (GUE, PT / DE)
  • Reinhard Priebe, Director - Internal Security, DG HOME Job description: To provide overall strategic orientation and management of Directorate A "Internal Security", within the framework set by the Directorate's-General mission statement and annual work programme. The Directorate operates under the direct supervision of the Director-General.
  • Despina Vassiliadou, Policy Officer - Access to information, DG HOME Job description: Contribute to EU policy regarding access to information, in particular access to Passenger Name Record data (PNR).
  • Peter Csonka, JHA Coodinator, Hungarian Council Presidency
  • Stavros Lambrinidis (S&D, ESP) Vice President of Parliament, Involved in new Data Protection Directive
  • maybe we should try to invite some media/press as well: i.e. Claus Hecking (FTD), Valentina Popp (euobserver)

Confirmed for meeting on Monday

11:00-12:00 Sophie Bots (policy advisor to MEP Sophie In't Veld, ALDE group)

13:00-14:00 uk-torie-advisor

14:00-15:00 Michael Speiser (policy advisor to the EPP group in the EP)

15:00-15:45 Grace Knott und Robin Healey (UK representation to the EU)

15:45-16:00 Jan Philipp Albrecht (MEP, Green group)

16:00-17:00 Fabrizia Panzetti (policy advisor to the S&D group in the EP) - canceled, therefore longer diskussion with speiser, knott, healey and albrecht alltogether

to be confirmed

  • German representation to the EU (most likely)
  • Hungarian Presidency of the Council (unlikely)
  • EU Commission (unlikely)
  • advisor ECR/Tories (most likely)

Who is joining?

  • Michael - DE, from "AK Vorrat", micha_ebeling (edd) mail36 (dot) net
  • Alex - AT, from NoPNR, info (edd) nopnr (dot) org
  • Ralf Bendrath, AK Vorrat / netzpolitik.org / EDRi, policy advisor of MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, bendrath (at) zedat (dot) fu-berlin (dot) de
  • Hauke, Liberal, Green and Radical, EU-Privacy Issues (privacydirective.eu) and Critical Infrastructure, activism[äätt]gierow[bunkt]eu
  • Marius - DE, AK Vorrat, maurice (äth) prodlab (dot) net
  • Frank (Datenschutzraum e.V.)
  • Joe - joe.mcnamee (at) EDRi.org
  • Wouter (civil liberties policy advisor to the Greens in the EP)
  • Caroline De Geest (Liga voor Mensenrechten/ Human Rights League)
  • Franziska, law department, Uni Luxembourg
  • Erik (internet policy advisor to the Greens in the EP)
  • Rocco (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, only Sunday)


We were looking for different solutions but didn't catch any real good solution. We would like to recommend to get to the 2go4-hostel because the prices are okay there, there is free wifi and a public kitchen and it's no problem to stay there even if you're older than 40 summers (even though that those guys didn't like to help us in reserving a 8-bed-room for ourselves ...).

If you like to stay anywhere else - no problem. There is a little overview of some cheap hostels on the german wiki page "brussels travel guide for privacy-activists".


Don't hesitate to ask Michael, Marius or Ralf.

What do we need on-site?

  • very important: printer (alex)
  • printer-paper (alex)
  • WIFI-router (michael)
  • beamer incl. long vga-cable (michael)
  • belgium umts-stick (ryo via michael)
  • some power extension cables (michael, marius, ...)
  • some pencils, glue, scissors (michael)
  • folders at a number of twelve - including following documents (michael):
  • Ralf will bring these documents in addition:





Academic Papers


Financial support

Is unfortunately not available. We have to finance and work on ourselves.

But: If any big trouble in this, then please dont hesitate to contact us. There may be support in single cases!

Ride to brussels

  • i will take the way from hanover (germany) to brussels (belgium) with the car, either by duisburg and venlo or by cologne an aachen. if anybody wants to join me on my way, please contact me. i will start on friday and return on late monday. (michael).


Pictures from our meetings.

Some images of our friday-to-sunday-home Mundo (stolen from here).

Some images from the 2go4-hostel (stolen from here).



Side Events

On thursday evening there will be the#4 Net Politics Beer Brussels - #npbbxl, find additional information here: http://doodle.com/zpxv67kuh4zgxq8f, I (Hauke @giereow) will attend, who else?

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